March 26, 2010


Guarded and it's your fault.

You, that guy I should've avoided from the start.

Willing and eager, I easily fell into your grasp.

I was intrigued by your thoughts,

annoyed by your immaturity,

unhinged by your remarks,

and struck by your smile.

You had swung a rope around my heart

and plummeted straight into my thoughts.

A drop of midnight ink into

the pure, placid waters of my mind.

You had fooled me, held me, used me, kissed me, upset me.

Me; naive, green and unexperienced.

Spinning words with precision

you selected each one individually, fitting them delicately into my mind.

A sparkling web I once thought to be intricate emotions

turned out to be strung with nothing more then lust and illusions.

You were amused by my thoughts,

entertained by my innocence,

pleased by my convenience,

and struck by my vulnerability.

And now I stand surrounded;

protected by a fort built upon hopes, mistakes and questions.

My thoughts are my army,

my words - my artillery,

my heart - the general.

Not only am I guarded, I'm armed.

and you're the only one strong enough to break down my wall.

I'm guarded, thanks to you;

guarded, and awaiting battle.