October 31, 2011

Halloween Weekend!

This past weekend was a lot of fun! I don't know why but I had an extra good weekend! It was probably because I got to do all of the things that I wanted! I slept in, cleaned, did HC stuff, baked (kinda), got mexican for dinner (weekend necessity) went to bed early on Friday, woke up Saturday to tailgate and go to the game, watched movies, partied hard and had a good time with my friends! I love when I get to do it all!

Woo hoo!

Anyway, I'm not sure if she's been on here yet or not but this lovely (extremely taller than me) lady right here is Laura Queen. She is so sweet and I feel like we have a lot in common. She comes from a big Christian family that makes mine look small! All of our friends call me "little laura" since I'm so much shorter so it's not confusing haha! We also have a a history which I didn't know about. Apparently Laura's older brother used to be my next door neighbor in the house where I grew up! How crazy is that? Here we are at the tailgate - It was freeeezing! We were both using handwarmers and I had to go back and put on leggings and a winter hat. Our toes almost fell off.

Unfortunately Kelly wasn't there because she was in NYC with her Apparel classes (lucky duck!), but this was her recipe so she was there in spirit!  

Laura holding a little ghostie!

We left the game early because our toes were so cold and stiff! We ended up coming back and watching 500 days of summer and I made little pizzas. Then we got ready for fun Halloween festivities! 

For Halloween I went out with the crazy canon crew from freshman year! As wild & crazy as they are, we still have a lot of fun together! Here is Dylan, Jordan and Joey dressed up for Halloween! Dylan and Joey were the guys from Top Gun and Jordan was Joe Dirt.

I ended up being a rocker chick! It turned out really cute! I had kid's highwaisted jeans that I cut into shorts, and I found a cheap hardcore t-shirt from walmart! I also got fake tattoos and borrowed a bandana to tie around my head. It was legit! Laura was an 80's girl! 

Laura and Jordan (they've been dating for 3 years, so cute!)

The whole crew on self timer!

The party we went to was a lot of fun! There was a pretty big crowd there and the music was "bumpin." They even played shake your tail feather! Classic. I was obviously a dancing machine the entire night, as always and Laura got her groove on with me too!

Here are the rest of the top gun crew!

Saturday was really fun and then yesterday I got to get dinner with Lori at Panera! I ordered the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich. Have ya'll ever had that? It has a japaleno cilantro hummus on it and it was amazing. Try it! Haha anyway, I hadn't seen Lori in a while, so we had a great time catching up!

So, that's my weekend! Hope yours was just as fun!

October 26, 2011

Halloween Help!

Ok, so I'm kind of stumped on what to be for Halloween. Plus I'm really indecisive so I keep changing my mind. I want to stay classy and cute, but Halloween is one of the only times where you're aloud to dress as wild and crazy as you want without getting any questioning stares. I've already bought some kids light high waisted jeans that I can cut into shorts for any of these outfits.

So, I need your help! Here are options that I've come up with.

# 1. Rihanna
I'd wear cut offs, fishnet tights, a sparkly top and do my hair all huge with raybans and my combat boots. Rihanna is so flipping cool. Who doesn't want to be Rihanna? I want to use her look from her Cheers video like this picture but not as skanky, obviously. I think it'd be cute! And I'd feel like a G4L.

#2 - Rocker/Motorcycle chick 
I'd wear cut offs, a cut off shirt that looks rocker-ish, put on a bunch of fake tattoos, do crazy hair, wear a bandana, crazy eyeliner, fishnets and my black motorcycle boots. I'd pretty much be letting my real personality finally reach the surface... 
Or I could just wear this onesie?

#3 Baby from Dirty Dancing
I'd wear cut off jeans rolled at the bottom, a white shirt tied at the top with my silver sneakers and my hear big and curly like hers. Pretty much everyone has seen this movie. And if you haven't, you should. Nobody puts Laura in a corner.

#4 Lindsay Lohan
I'd wear the high waisted shorts with something Lindsay Lohanish on top. Screwed up eye makeup. Maybe I'll even get an ankle monitor? Or cuff one of my hands! Or wear a orange jumpsuit! She's crazy.

These are just the options I have, but I want your ideas too! I was also trying to think of something that I could play off of how small I am. Like a bitesize candy bar or something? Any good ones? 

Tell me which one you like best or a new idea!

October 25, 2011

Below The Sky

Sidewalk stops, cracks.
Picking up a dandelion (a gentle puff)
she forms a kiss, exhales
taking one, transforming
into a billion.

She's been here, so it seems.
Her shoulders scrunch up toward her ears
Causing auburn to twirl widely in the wind.
Tunneled - where her thoughts funnel slowly
below her green eyes.

Cloudless skies above,
she's always wondering about
what he could be doing or where he's been.
She sits on a bench, feet swaying.

Weighing the options, leaning back.
To forfeit? Hold close continually.
Never been had, yet always wanted.
Not unnecessary though, more like a need.

Yearning to be someone's other than her own.
Her body casts a shadow, 
creating a pair that comes and goes with sunshine.
What she longs to be.

Handling it, seasons in a blur.
Real life and silhouette, just a glimpse, one transforming into a billion.
She forms a kiss, presses her lips down and pulls it in.
Feet swinging, still waiting, below the sky.

October 23, 2011

Go Panthers!

Well, blogosphere...

Today my interview with the one, the only, Armanti Edwards went up online! 

If you don't know who that is, he's number 14 of the Carolina Panthers! ...He's kind of a big deal. 

Anyway, make sure you check it out! Here's the link > My interview with Armanti!


October 18, 2011

October 03, 2011


Hi Friends! Happy October! I'm so glad this month is finally here! No more muggy, humid air. No more sliding around in sweaty sandals. Time for boots, scarves and jeans! Time for Chili & Cornbread, sweatshirts & football games, Halloween and pumpkin carving. I LOVE IT!

Anywho, if you can't tell, I'm in a great mood right now. Want to know why? Well...

I got some exciting news from the Her Campus headquarters today! They informed me that Her Campus Appalachian State was the 3rd highest viewed branch out of all the Her Campus branches this past week! We beat out over 200 branches!

This past week we had 6,592 views! I am ecstatic! The HC team has been working really hard to promote our site and our work has paid off tremendously!

Congrats to us!

Here are 10 things I'm happy about -

1. Her Campus, duh.

2. Two of my best friends got rebaptized last night! I am SO HAPPY FOR THEM! They had been baptized before but last night they each made the decision for themselves and proclaimed it to the world. They are wonderful, beautiful girls and amazing friends. I love the fact that we have a relationship with God in common. So proud of them! Congrats Lori and Megan!

3. It's my last full week before fall break! Awesome!

4. Thursday night I'm making a big pot of Broccoli Cheddar soup for my friends. Sounds delicious, doesn't it?

5. My family is coming into town on Saturday! My Dad is turning 47 on the 6th! Can you believe he has two 20-year-olds, a 21-year-old, a 24-year-old and a 7 month old grandson? So young! We're going to celebrate him and enjoy the beautiful Boone weather! I can't wait to see all of them and give them each a huge hug! I'm hoping Ashley and John will bring little D up here too so it can be a little family reunion!

6.Gavin Degraw is coming to Boone with David Cook and Carolina Liar! The tickets go on sale tomorrow and I think a group of HC girls are going to all go together. I LOVE Gavin Degraw. Mmmhmmm. Sexy voice.

7. I have my first Grammar test on Wednesday. Now, I know it sounds weird that I'm excited about it, but the reason I'm excited is that I'm glad it's going to be over! One test to take means one more test behind me.

8. I'm going to NYC in 10 days! My favorite place in the entire world. Concrete jungle where dreams are made...I'll be there!

9. Gossip Girl and The Hart of Dixie come on in 10 minutes. I LOVE TV!

10. I've been wearing all my boots again! Hooray! (These aren't mine, but aren't they cute?)

So, that's why I'm happy! I hope all of you are happy too! Have a terrific week!

P.S. Check out this giveaway on an HC team member's (Emily Helm) blog! She is so cute, the giveaway items are so cute and she is choosing 3 winners! Click here to check it out!