October 25, 2011

Below The Sky

Sidewalk stops, cracks.
Picking up a dandelion (a gentle puff)
she forms a kiss, exhales
taking one, transforming
into a billion.

She's been here, so it seems.
Her shoulders scrunch up toward her ears
Causing auburn to twirl widely in the wind.
Tunneled - where her thoughts funnel slowly
below her green eyes.

Cloudless skies above,
she's always wondering about
what he could be doing or where he's been.
She sits on a bench, feet swaying.

Weighing the options, leaning back.
To forfeit? Hold close continually.
Never been had, yet always wanted.
Not unnecessary though, more like a need.

Yearning to be someone's other than her own.
Her body casts a shadow, 
creating a pair that comes and goes with sunshine.
What she longs to be.

Handling it, seasons in a blur.
Real life and silhouette, just a glimpse, one transforming into a billion.
She forms a kiss, presses her lips down and pulls it in.
Feet swinging, still waiting, below the sky.