October 26, 2011

Halloween Help!

Ok, so I'm kind of stumped on what to be for Halloween. Plus I'm really indecisive so I keep changing my mind. I want to stay classy and cute, but Halloween is one of the only times where you're aloud to dress as wild and crazy as you want without getting any questioning stares. I've already bought some kids light high waisted jeans that I can cut into shorts for any of these outfits.

So, I need your help! Here are options that I've come up with.

# 1. Rihanna
I'd wear cut offs, fishnet tights, a sparkly top and do my hair all huge with raybans and my combat boots. Rihanna is so flipping cool. Who doesn't want to be Rihanna? I want to use her look from her Cheers video like this picture but not as skanky, obviously. I think it'd be cute! And I'd feel like a G4L.

#2 - Rocker/Motorcycle chick 
I'd wear cut offs, a cut off shirt that looks rocker-ish, put on a bunch of fake tattoos, do crazy hair, wear a bandana, crazy eyeliner, fishnets and my black motorcycle boots. I'd pretty much be letting my real personality finally reach the surface... 
Or I could just wear this onesie?

#3 Baby from Dirty Dancing
I'd wear cut off jeans rolled at the bottom, a white shirt tied at the top with my silver sneakers and my hear big and curly like hers. Pretty much everyone has seen this movie. And if you haven't, you should. Nobody puts Laura in a corner.

#4 Lindsay Lohan
I'd wear the high waisted shorts with something Lindsay Lohanish on top. Screwed up eye makeup. Maybe I'll even get an ankle monitor? Or cuff one of my hands! Or wear a orange jumpsuit! She's crazy.

These are just the options I have, but I want your ideas too! I was also trying to think of something that I could play off of how small I am. Like a bitesize candy bar or something? Any good ones? 

Tell me which one you like best or a new idea!


Lindy Maddox said...

I think the rihanna idea is really cute :) you could always be like Farrah Fawcett orrrr Rosie the Rivetter or something like that? You'll look cute no matter what!

Anonymous said...

your ideas are adorable... you can just go out each night and use all three costumes! haha I don't know which one I'd pick

Ashley said...

I think you should be Baby from Dirty Dancing. Easiest and sweetest costume. Plus you can break out dancing at any time during the night. ; )