March 09, 2012

March 05, 2012

March 03, 2012

Random thoughts

For some reason I kind of woke up in a funk this morning. Just a mix of tests to study for, spring break being a week away and Her Campus obstacles have made me feel kind of stressed out even though I don't have a reason to be. I think not knowing my plans for the summer is making me anxious too. If you know me, you know I like to plan!

I also realize on occasion how much of an introvert I really am. Solitude = happiness a lot of the times. Like right now, sipping a hazelnut hot chocolate and writing this. I think this is what I need, at least on a weekly basis! Time for me to sit back, be alone, write down my thoughts.

I had an internship interview on Monday and I've been checking my email literally every five seconds to see if they've sent me anything back! I know that God has a plan for me, and I'm confident that whatever happens is meant to be.

With that said I should probably stop looking up coffee shops and restaurants within blocks of the office I applied to work at...oops! I'm just a tiny girl with humongous dreams.

I've decided that if I can't find an internship, I'm just going to work at a fro-yo place or nanny or something. As good as it would look on my resume, it'd be nice to do some mindless work for a while!

Anyways, I just thought I'd get my thoughts out on a page. I used to do this so often, and lately it's fallen behind. It's really therapeutic for me though, it helps my mind feel organized and focused. I feel like I can breathe again!

Anyway, those are my random thoughts. I'm off to do work! Staying positive, getting things accomplished and always remembering to smile!