January 23, 2012


The car ride back to Boone always requires a pit stop!

Snowy roads on the way up the mountain

Pretty sunrise on the first day of classes!

New coffee maker, new adorable coffee mug and new Starbucks blonde roast!

Putting together the pull-up bar I got for Christmas...almost as hard as doing one.

Red Velvet Yoplait, yummy snack.

Retrying on my Santa clothes! Love this lace inspired top! 

The mug my grandparents gave me! Coffee is my happy place.

New pink sweater and purple nail polish! Feeling like polly pocket.

Made a visit with Kelly to the NEW BOONE STARBUCKS!! 

My comfy cute "get work done" outfit.

Went back this past weekend to do some HC stuff! Gotta love my motivating NYC background! 

Found this gem at Walmart. Limited Edition! I had to have it.

Saturday mornings call for lounging in pajamas with coffee and the Today Show.

I love almost any ice cream topped with bananas :)

My motivation every time I open my curtains!



Ashley said...

I loved these!! :)

Lindy Maddox said...

I love looking at these :) I miss you every single day and wish we were hanging out ALL the time. You are my best friend and I think you are the best type of friend there is! I love you SO much! ...and I especially like feeling like I know all about your day when I see all your happy life pictures!