February 22, 2012

Happy Birthday David!

A year ago today, my favorite nephew, David Walker Scott, was born! 2011 was a rough year for my family, but with David we were able to experience life with a new perspective and find joy and comfort in the chubby cheeks of this sweet new baby. David is such a little boy! He is curious, playful, persistent, and already so smart. He has his Mommy's big pouty lips and his Daddy's big brown eyes and long eyelashes. He is growing up so fast and I can't believe that he's been in my life for an entire year. I can't imagine life without my sweet little nephew. Happy first birthday David, I love you so much!

(here's the video Lindy made from when he was born. Watch it, it's so sweet!)

Here's a look back at my first year as an Aunt...

I was taking a biology test when David was born,  and I was SOOOO upset that I couldn't be there to meet him. But a few days after I was able to come home and finally see my new nephew!

Look at his cute little jacket! Ah, adorable.

David wearing the little clothes I got him from the Gap outlets up here in Boone!

Yay, Aunt Laura's home! And suddenly David is a chubby little thing.

Happy Easter!

Look how big he is getting! He can really start to smile now!

Summer means a lot more time with Aunt Laura!

(After I got back from a run) No more newborn, definitely a chubby little baby! He loves playing with his Grandaddy.

 At the beach together! U-S-C, goooo COCKS!

At our 20th birthday dinner at PF Changs!

(Apparently this is the only month I didn't get a picture with/of David! I know I came home for the ECU vs. USC game so I know saw him! We must've just not taken a picture. This is us skyping on the 29th of August though, so that's close enough!)

 The fam came up for a mountain trip to celebrate my Dad's birthday! David loved being outside and playing in the grass. 

David and I went to Blakeney with Ashley to take a Christmas card photo shoot. They turned out so cute! He didn't like to face us though, he'd rather look at all of the shiny ornaments!

Finally home for Christmas break! Ashley, David and I got a lot of quality time together, which I love!
I went with Ash and my Mom to get David's hair cut for the first time! Bye bye mullet, hello little toddler! 

 And this is from this past weekend at David's first birthday! I cannot believe that he is one. What a cutie! I love him more than I could've ever imagined. 



Ashley said...

I LOVED THIS POST!!! You are such a great Aunt! D loves you!

dee said...

That prayer is the most precious thing I have ever heard!! Sounds like it could be your grandfather. If so, I know you cherish having it to be able to listen to his voice.

Haley Rogers said...

Jealous. I wish I was an aunt! Sweet sweet video and pics :)