April 06, 2012


(beware, lots of pictures to follow...)

First of all, I want to apologize for my lack of blogging in like...a month. Oops! I have just been so busy lately! And my free time is spent sleeping, eating, or socializing with my lovely friends!

Anyway, let me update you on my life!

Here are some pictures of what I've been up to...

Church outfit 

Cabo fish tacos

Stickboy magic cookie: Chocolate chip, coconut, pecan, marshmallow

Holocaust museum

 Alchemy coffee shop in Boone

Pedicures with Ashley

Beautiful campus

Lunch with both of my Grandmothers

Georgetown cupcakes

 My sweet cousin Brooklyn at Papa's retirement celebration

So first, good news - Spring Break was the second week of March and my friends Lena, Bailey, Emily and I went to Washington DC together! We had such a good time!

We stayed at Lena's cousin's house in Maryland (right outside DC) which was so nice and convenient! It was so nice to have a cozy place and sweet family to come home to after lots of walking! (We also got free food, added bonus!!)
This was their adorable little boy Zaine, how CUTE is he? Precious.

Anyway, we did lots of shopping, eating, Starbucks drinking, and exploring the city! The cherry blossoms bloomed early this year and they were so beautiful while we were there! We visited the Holocaust Museum, The Museum of American History and we visited the Georgetown campus one night which was beautiful! We watched The Bachelor Finale one night, went to get Italian and hit up a piano bar, we had a not too great experience at a diner and stayed in one night, ate pizza and watched My Week with Marilyn (which was awesome!) We had a great time and I love these girls!

Here are some pictures of the fun we had

Not so good news - I figured out that Her Campus Appalachian State officially can't become a club. Due to the fact that becoming a club would cause more readership and more readers would generate more revenue for the Her Campus headquarters, ASU decided that it shouldn't be allowed. I understand but it is still a bummer! I'm just going to use it as fuel for my determination to continue to make HC AppState the best it can be!

AWESOME news - Do you remember the internship I had been talking about? How I was nervous about what would happen this summer and what I would be doing?
Well, I GOT IT!!!! 

This summer I will be interning in Boston, Massachusetts at Digitas! I am BEYOND excited! Seriously, excited is an understatement. I'm going to be a creative intern and I'll be making $400 a week! How cool is that? Also, their office looks really neat and modern! I'm going to be interning with probably about 8-10 other people and I'm hoping to make some great new friends!

But do you wanna hear the best part??

Not only will I be in Boston, an AMAZING city...

Not only will I be making money...

Not only will I be shopping, drinking coffee, making new friends and going to Red Sox games...


Yep, my best friend and twin, Lindy, got an internship in Boston this summer too! She's going to be working with a Fashion PR company called Succarra and interning for them!
This is their veryyyyy pretty showroom in Boston...

Isn't that AWESOME!!! We are so excited to take on a big city together and spend our last college summer just enjoying life and livin' it up! I love her and I am so glad we'll be doing this together!

Watch out Boston, we're coming!!

Until I have more free time on my hands, xoxo!

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Ashley said...

Wow! That was picture overload-my kind of post! :) Love you!!