May 05, 2012

That's Life

You know what? It's time to try to enjoy your life. Make chocolate chip muffins in the morning, stop stressing out about grades that really don't matter, and take a moment to feel the sunshine on your skin. 

Remember, life isn't about holding grudges. It's about forgiveness, letting go, and feeling the release in your shoulders when you realize the happiness you were missing out on. It's about going out on a Friday night and dancing in your cowboy boots.

Life's about blasting your music in the car. It's about exercising because you're body is the only one you've got. And hanging your feet off the edge of a mountain or snuggling in your pajamas. It's about hugging your parents, being cheesy (like this post), being goofy, being real. It's about value.

Life's not about creating a persona. Stop saying it and start living it. What good is a bible verse posted on your status or a quote about how to live without the actions to back it up? Be you and acknowledge your imperfections, and follow up with commitments.

Life's about drinking copious amounts of coffee and never letting go of a friendship because at some point, at one time, on one day, or one weekend, spending time together caused you to laugh and smile and experience real joy.

Life is about living in the moment. Not the future, or the past, but right now. It's about remembering to take snapshots in your mind of the tears, the leaves falling off the trees, the rain on your windshield. Life is about the puzzle pieces that all come together to create the big picture - a crazy, beautiful, vibrant one.

Life is about balance. Balance between school, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your real friends. Life is about realizing who is really there for you and sending up thanks for the ones that will always be there and will always come back.

Life is about treating others as you would want to be treated. Baking cupcakes on birthdays, buying coffee on bad days, and sharing encouragement on the good. 

It's about honor. Honoring YOURSELF, Honoring OTHERS, and honoring GOD.
That's what life is.


Love Being A Nonny said...

Amen girl!

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