May 20, 2011

friendship communication rant.

I'm just going to go ahead and say it...

What is it with people and communication these days? Does it kill people to stay in touch?
I'm not going to lie or be a pot calling the kettle black because I know I'm not a pro at it either but I feel like so many people lack communication skills.

Yeah, high school relationships have faded. Yeah, a lot of my friends have lost touch with me and vice versa and yeah, a lot of my friendships have ended because growing lack of similarities. But I have friends that I love a lot and yet I still am not even hearing from them now that I'm home for summer.

It could be because of our obsessive use of technology (as I'm obviously using now). We rely on twitter, facebook and texts now instead of talking on the phone. When were not together we just read what our friends are saying on a screen instead of hearing their voice. Since this happens so much, when we're apart we don't realize what we're missing because their voice was never there in the first place unless we were physically together.

But what makes me so frustrated is when I text people and "tweet" them and write on their wall and do all of these other technologically advanced forms of communication and they still don't respond.

Now come on. I sent you a text message and it takes maybe 45 seconds at the most to respond. I understand you might be busy or away from your phone when I send it but you should at least respond later that night or the next day or something!

I've been at home for about 3 weeks now and I've had only like 2 friends ask me about my summer. I've tried to text my other friends and talk to them about theirs but they don't answer me.

I may be being too sensitive but when someone doesn't respond to me it makes me feel like I've been forgotten or replaced or that I value the friendship way more then they value mine. Here I am wondering how so-and-so's summer is going and they can't even bother to respond to me.

There are a few select friends that I've known for years  and that I'm so close to that even if we don't talk 24-7, we still are as close as before. But most of my friendships require some back and forth communication.

I'm one of those people who puts a lot of effort and value into my friendships and I don't have that many of them because I put time and effort into each one. I love buying birthday gifts, having them over, and doing pointless things to make them feel like I care and I don't mind spending money on my friends. I put a lot of time into getting to know someone and showing them that I value their friendship.

Trust me, if I love hanging out with you and having you as a friend, you'll know it. I just wish that people would take into consideration the fact that I'm trying to communicate and if I'm thinking about them enough to initiate conversation or whatever it is, then they should care enough to respond.

Maybe I'm just exaggerating in my head the amount of communication I've actually tried to initiate but who knows..

Okay the end, sorry for 

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Ashley said...

I respond when you text me. And tweet me. And write on my wall. We must be true friends. : )