May 25, 2011

tomorrow starts here.


sleepovers with Lindy
french toast & smoothies
lots and lots of Starbucks

Sonic runs
barnes and noble study time
laying out
grocery shopping
sharing clothes
sitting poolside
college classes together
BBQ for dinner

reading boring british writers
windows down in the car
cuter boys in 2 days at ECU then 2 years at APP
trip to the dog park
creaky lofted bed
twin time
Cubbie's burgers

heat from the hot hot sun
learning my way around
mexican train dominos
jumping in the pull - no pushing

singing in the car
church on sunday
homework that we don't want to do
crackling tv shows
lots of diversity
walking around campus
fun times to go around!

(I'll try to take some of my own pictures soon!)

1 comment:

Mindy said...

GO see the clown inside the clock if you havent exprienced that already. Freshman year people kept asking me if I had seen it at least 10 times.