July 27, 2011


This summer I have been going, going, going non-stop! 

I went from Boone to Charlotte for about 2 weeks and then I was off to ECU for 2 months. Then I came back and started my internship the following week. After my internship I figured out I was starting Her Campus. Suddenly I was doing stuff for my internship and the magazine and I had 4 email addresses I was checking everyday! Busy, busy, busy!

After a few weeks at home, my family left for a 9 day trip to Atlanta, Destin and Mississippi!

We went to a Braves game

visited the aquarium, 

relaxed on the beach, played cards and dominos, swam, 

went out to eat, played putt-putt and then ended the trip with a family reunion in Laurel, Mississippi! To say I have southern roots is an understatement. We're like the countrified version of the family in my Big Fat Greek Wedding.

This is the group we ate dinner with one night. Not the reunion, just the group that ate dinner! Yeah, I know!

But anyway, It was a great trip! I loved hanging out with my family and I loved having some time away.

But while I was gone I was still working, checking my email and making small decisions for Her Campus and doing a few things for my internship.

For the internship I had been told to find a few pictures of Celebrity Looks for Less, little did I know that I would be wearing one of them. A few days before the trip Bridgette (the head of my internship) asked me about an exciting opportunity- she wanted me to be a model on the Fox News Rising: Wear it Wednesday, Celebrity looks on a College Budget segment! I said yes, of course!

 I was informed that it was going to air today, the wednesday after I got home, and I was really looking forward to it!

About a day later, Bridgette texted me because they needed another model, so she wanted to see if Lindy wanted to do it with me. I was excited to have Lindy by my side while we did the segment together. We were both told to find a celebrity look and then find a cheaper look at the boutique we were both assigned to. The problem was, the boutiques didn't know how small we both were and it was REALLY hard to find outfits that we could fit in.

After visiting my assigned boutique, Petal Boutique, I managed to find a dress that I could make fit with a belt and then I had to find a celebrity look that was similar instead to the outfit I had picked instead of the other way around.

It ended up working really well! I found a navy and white patterned one sleeve dress that I paired with a brown belt, gold bangles and big circular gold earrings. The look came together really well and was made a little more casual by pairing it with my cowboy boots!

Here's the look I was imitating, It's Eva Mendes at the Met Gala

Here's my look!

Lindy was modeling her look after Kim Kardashian and hers turned out really cute too!

Here's Kim Kardashian

 Here's Lindy in her version!

It was crazy to be live on air and to here him counting "5, 4, 3, 2, 1" before we were about to start! I was glad to get out of my comfort zone and to get some more experience!

Here's the news segment!

Overall it's been a very busy but fun summer! I'm so thankful for all of the opportunities that I've been given and the fun I've had! I'm loving summer but I'm looking forward to this fall when I can get back into a routine, escape the humidity and be back in Boone! 

p.s. Like my new header? I made it! Let me know if you want one!

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