July 30, 2011


Today I had nothing to do so I decided to have myself a crafternoon! The craft of the day was a scarf necklace. This is probably one of the easiest crafts you can do! All you need is an old T-shirt, scissors & yourself!

Start out with a shirt you don't wear anymore. Use a loose, long one or it won't be long enough on you!

I used an old Target pocket tee of Lindy's that she let me have.

First, Cut off the hem of the shirt

Then make it into a miniature scarf and model it on your dog.

Lookin' chic.

Work it, Rocky!

So fashionable.

Then bother him while he tries to sleep in his new cozy scarf.

One by one cut off inch thick strips of the t shirt. (holding the back and front together into one strip)

Take artsy pictures of yourself cutting the shirt
Beast calf muscles.

Keep cuttin'

and cuttin' and cuttin'

Until your shirt is just the v-neck and pocket

Gather all of your inch thick strips of shirt

Holding both ends, stretch out the strips as far as they can go.

The sides should roll in making them thinner and longer!

Now take the two ends of the stretched out strips, twist them into a figure eight and match the seams at one end.

Until all of them are like this... (except leave one to the side)
The seams should all be on one side.

Take the one you left to the side and cut it in half.
Loop it around all of the gathered seams and tie it in a knot.
Then continue to loop it until you can cover the seams and knot it at the other end.

Like this!

Admire your work...

Now you have to try it on!



..just me being lame.


If my directions were lame & hard to understand, here is where I got the IDEA! And I'm pretty sure I used the same shirt!


Ashley said...

Love the scarf! That's so cute! And I love the color. : )

Veerle said...

Waaw, cool!