August 01, 2011

Leopards, elephants & birds.

Today has been a fun day! I got two things I love and I kept the craftiness going and attempt to do a leopard print on my nails!

Now it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to but lets just remember, I'm left handed, not very steady and I don't have lot of patience! So with that said, it turned out pretty good haha!

Here is where I got the idea!

First step: Paint your nails any color you want as long as you have two other colors that'll show up on top of it.

Here are the 3 colors I chose. 

This is my bottom coat!

Next, using a brighter, bolder color, add ovalish dots around your finger leaving enough room for a surrounding highlight in another color.

Like this!

Then take your third color and add an outline to your previous leopard spots.

Like this!

Like I said, it's not that cute but it'll do! Maybe I'll just call it "tribal print?"


Without cool effects...

Prrrr babyy prr.

Oh yeah, and I also bought a super cute elephant shirt at Forever 21. They're tiny elephants with patterned ears and they're so cute. WINNING!

And my mom got me these cute bird paintings to hang in my living room at school!
I'm stoked.

Tweet tweet.

Well that's that! love.


Bree said...

Ohh they turned out cute! I don't have a lot of patience either and pretty much stick to solid colors haha

Ashley said...

Love the nails! I love neutral nail colors!

Hilary Mae said...

Those nails are awesome. I could never do that!
Love your blog!

Hilary Mae

VIVIENNE said...

awesome nails!! love them!! x

Haute and Fierce