August 20, 2011

cheesy story.

Sorry I haven't been posting lately! I've just been getting situated back in Boone, cleaning, organizing, and having fun! I feel like I run out of creative things to talk about on here but I do want to share a funny story with ya'll! 

About a week ago Granny (my grandmother on my Dad's side) gave me a Dunkin' Donuts giftcard for my birthday! I loveeee me some DD coffee and I also LOVE donuts. But since I'm in Boone and we're all uncommercialized and whatever, unfortunately we don't have a Dunkin' Donuts in town.

So Lori and I decided to road trip to the closest Dunkin Donuts to treat ourselves to some donuts and coffee. I put Dunkin Donuts in my phone's GPS and off we went to West Jefferson. My phone had said it was going to take about 45 minutes to get there but we didn't mind cause we knew it'd be a fun and delicious adventure!

Well after a few turns and 45 minutes later, we pulled up to...a Hess gas station. And hanging there in the window was a tiny little Dunkin' Donuts sign. But Lori and I tried to be optimistic and thought maybe they had a Dunkin' Donuts section in the back so we decided to go look inside.

As we made our way to the back of the store, what my phone GPS had considered a Dunkin' Donuts ended up being a giant self serve thermos of their coffee and zero donuts. And I had been really looking forward to some munchkins! 

We were so bummed! And we were cracking up because we had driven all this way! So instead of going straight back to Boone, Lori got out her phone and searched coffee shops in West Jefferson, Ashe County. On the list was a place called "Bohemia" so we decided to take our chances and check it out.

Well, I'm SO glad we did! It was the cutest little coffee shop! It had the work of local artists hanging on the walls, had a stage for music on the weekends and cute little plush couches and a lot of delicious drinks on the menu! I'm so glad we got to check it out! I ended up getting an Almond Joy drink and some homemade pumpkin bread and I loved it! We had so much fun just sitting in there enjoying our little misadventure.  

After Bohemia, we walked around Downtown West Jefferson, visited a guitar shop and got to try some goat cheese fudge from this sweet older women who worked in a store called Angel's Touch. Haha, what a quaint little town!

We were about to leave but we knew there was one thing we needed to do before we left Ashe County....


For those of you who don't know, Ashe County has the only cheese plant in the entire state of North Carolina! On the drive to Dunkin' Donuts we had passed these GIANT cow statues and a sign that said "see cheese made" and we knew we had to stop!

Man, the cheese samples were good! It was really neat to see them packaging the cheese and they had so many different kinds in the Ashe Country Cheese store. They had tomato basil cheese, bacon cheddar cheese, carolina bleu cheese, mountain cheddar cheese and many others! You should check out the Ashe County Cheese website!

Anyway, what we thought was a Dunkin' Donuts fail ended up being a really fun afternoon! We traveled to Bohemia, saw cheese being made and tried cheese curds!

Sometimes the unexpected ends up being the most fun! 


Lindy Maddox said...

haha that looks like so much fun!! :)

Ashley said...

Hahaha! That really does sound like a fun day, though I think it's HILARIOUS that your GPS considered that a Dunkin' Donuts. Ha! Stupid GPS! The weather looks awesome there. And I love cheese. So basically I'm jealous of you.