August 10, 2011


The sky had been painted plum that night,
flecks of orange 
and deep purple
peaceful, sweet and vibrant.

A girl stood under it
looking up, wondering,
waiting for something...
or was he nothing?

She threw out her arms, blades against the breeze
and spun in a circle, cutting the air with her bare arms
skin turned to swirls, her body was a blur
and she collapsed dizzy in the yard.

Time had ticked slowly that autumn
like maple syrup, patient and simple.
On her elbows she propped herself,
cocked her head..

She watched what she thought was him
a silver spec, (striping the air) her somebody,
soaring toward the horizon,
the sunny west coast.

She flipped over, her back on the earth
and like a sudden shower, 
her eyes poured rain,
forming puddles past her cheeks.

She turned her eyes toward him,
watched the grass meet the pavement
the pavement meet the sky -
plum colors -
and cried.


Lindy Maddox said...

you're the best writer i know. :)

samecookiesdifferent said...

this pictures makes us dreamy and chilly...The cookies love that. <3

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