April 18, 2011

good deeds.

Today, I rescued a poodle.
I was inside the JET building looking through the windows and I saw this tiny little poodle running around and it was about to run into River Street so I bolted out of the building and ran over to it and it got all scared so I picked it up and it cuddled into my shirt.

It was shaking to death! It had a collar on but no tags so hopefully someone will find it. I dropped it off with the people working in the building and a girl there was interested in keeping it so hopefully it will find a good home.



Ashley said...

Aww!! It's so cute!

lkm said...

haha that's not it but it looked a lot like it! :)

Lindy Maddox said...

Poor little Pooo Pooooooo :) i hope it found a home!