April 12, 2011

thoughts thoughts, tuesday thoughts.

thought number 1: I'm kind loving my outfit today and I don't know why cause it's not that special but I like it, I do I do. 

I'm wearing these cute magnolia lookin flower earrings that make me feel all southern, so naturally I wore my cowboy boots today too!
I'm a "maxinista" - I got this cute purple shirt (it looks black but it's not) from TJ Maxx for only 7.99! It's lacy at the top with a synched waist and I lurve it.

thought number 2: I don't understand why quitting a consistently bad connotation.
Lets think about this for a second...

Yesterday I decided to officially drop Journalism as one of my majors and just major in advertising. Recently I've been behind in school work because of the days that I missed for Grandaddy and I got really behind in my intro to journalism class. Ever since the very first day of the class I've hated it. I would dread the assignments and everything about it. I don't like interviews, writing news articles or reporting. The longer I thought about it and the more classes I had to go to and assignments I had to do it occurred to me that maybe journalism wasn't for me? Don't get me wrong I LOVE to write. Love it. Love it. But I don't like articles at all. It's not me and it's not a creative process like I enjoy.

So yesterday I picked up a drop form for that class and this morning I went up to my teacher and dropped that class. And boom, I quit! I quit the class and it was AWESOME! Afterwards I felt great! I went to espresso news, treated myself to a Raspberry white mocha and felt a burden lift off my shoulders. 

So now I ask, why is quitting a bad thing? I personally think that it can be needed at some points. It can let you refocus and rejuvenate your mind. It can let you feel free! 
Now some might say that I "quit" or "gave up" on journalism but I don't like to think of it that way. In my mind I like to think that I am just saying goodbye journalism and HELLOOO ADVERTISING!

thought number 3: I love medicine.

I have been on medicine like it's my job this past week. Tylenol PM, Zicam, Ibuprofen, Cepacol cough drops and now Amoxicillin because I have a sinus infection. This stuff better work because I'm about to go insane! I went to health services yesterday and my nurse said I get the tiny arm of the day award when he took my blood pressure haha! Then in my ethics class today I had an obnoxious coughing attack and everyone got really annoyed with me. Two girls were talking and one of them goes "she needs to leave" and then the girl in front of me turned around and handed me a cough drop even though I already was sucking on one and it obviously wasn't working. I'M JUST READY TO FEEL BETTER!

thought number 4: why is that I feel like I have more energy on the days that I don't get a lot of sleep? 
What is this phenomenon!? I slept like crap last night and I feel so energetic today! Maybe it's the thrill of dropping a class!

thought number 5: I'm keeping my new york music on here because it's awesome and improves my mood every time I hear it.

Anywho, that's all for today! 
haha look how cute this is...


Lindy Maddox said...

happy tuesday :)

p.s- i like your shirt!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel about that journalism thing. I was all set to major in it too, but I realized the same thing you did: that it isn't a creative process I enjoy AT ALL! I thoroughly support your dropping decision. : )

-also, I love those earrings!