October 28, 2010

decisions! decisions!

So here's the scoop...

Today, during my free time between classes (that I should have spent studying for the test I have tomorrow, oops) I was trying to figure out what I classes I should take next semester.

Registration is coming up soon...aka November 16th at 2:00 pm for me and I have to be ready to pounce on the classes I need like they're my prey.


So as I sat down to my computer I was under the impression that this would be fairly simple task, choose a few classes, it can't be that hard right?

I was sadly mistaken.

Choosing classes has proven to be one of the most time consuming, frustrating, hair-pulling, teeth gritting, I-want-to-scream-slash-maybe-I'll-just-drop-out processes ever.

You see, I'm having problems deciding what to major in!

This is not good because choosing classes has EVERYTHING to do with your major!

Choosing a major may seem easy but in reality you're choosing something that changes

               THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
                            THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
                                    THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
                                          THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
                             LIFE LIFE LIFE LIFE LIFE  (echoing)

Now I realize I'm being a tad bit dramatic (but hey that's who I am, okay?)

So anyways I realized that I don't know what to do.

Like, at all.

I want to do Journalism but I don't feel like Non Fiction writing is really my thing. It takes a lot of work to be a successful journalist and I've always been geared more to writing fiction.

I want to do Graphic Design but I'm 99.9999999999% positive I can't get into the art department. I love to design online! I feel like I have a knack for it and I can waste hours upon hours doing it but my art department is intense (you have to be able to draw too..since when does that help with graphic design?) so I feel like I have a very slim chance of getting in.

I want to do Advertising but I don't know if I care about the business-target-market-y aspect of it. I think it would give me the chance to design without having to get accepted into the art department which is good. I just don't know if I would be all that into it.

I want to do Creative Writing but I don't feel like I have a high chance of getting hired. As most of you know, I love love love poetry and fiction. I've always loved writing. I'm good at it and it comes naturally to me, but a career... I just don't know how successful that would be.

And apparently right now my official registration status says that I'm a Studio Art major (what the???) which I have never even considered so I don't know how they got that idea.

My fantasy job is to Design Magazine Layouts and write on the side.

Now if someone could just point me in the direction of what to major in, that would be superb!


p.s. If you really do have any magazine contacts that I could talk to about what to major in I would greatly appreciate your help!


Lindy said...

I personally feel like right now, advertising is the way to go! But I love you and just know that whatever you decide your gonna do great because your very talented :) I love you!

p.s- when I read (what the???) I hear marks voice in my head hahah i miss him!

Ashley said...

I personally think you should try the art department to do graphic design. This is why- God places desires in your heart for a reason. He leads you in a certain direction, then HE gives you everythihg you need to get there. If you're meant to be a graphic design major, He can handle you getting into the Art Department, no problem. If not, then I think HE'LL close that door. Don't close it yourself. : )

BUT, if you're feeling like you're led to do something else, then do it. You'll see which doors open and which close, I think. And definitely don't do something you're not crazy about. As dramatic as you were, you're right. It does affect your life!