October 04, 2010


bad parts of the day

- there was an old man at Harris Teeter who was extremely impatient. He pushed my cart out of the way and starting unloading his stuff on top of mine in the self check out line while I was in the middle of checking out
- I didn't exercise

good parts of the day

- B on my first COMM test
- hot chocolate
- boots
- warm jackets
- getting in bed early (I'm in it right now)
- chili and cornbread for dinner

Happy monday!


Lindy said...

well I made Spicy Chicken Vegetable soup and bread for dinner so HA! beat that.

I cant believe a weird man at harris teeter was so rude hahah, it made me chuckle though! I cant wait to see you in 4 days! i love your new layout!


Carrie B said...

I made soup tonight too for dinner! Must be a sign that Fall is indeed coming. :)
Love the new layout too!

Ashley said...

Bad parts about this blog post:
-I don't have that bowl of chili in front of me
-I'm not in the bed right now, and I wish I was
-That HT man is mean

Good parts about this blog post:
-I love your new layout
-You're very creative
-All the good things sound very good!