October 24, 2010

poe- Mmmmm


I'm ready.
The road stretches out in front of me, sprawling miles.
Pristinely placed, winding and wild 
the pavement mirrors the black  and white lines of life. 

A snapshot of my time spent here
is a cup of coffee and a keyboard
clacking monotonously,
clashing with the music
(heavy on the creamer)

Juxtaposed nicely
with the melodious tunes that
constantly peal through the 
back ground.

I'm a blank canvas
a painters choice.
Prepared for colors
to glide cool upon me
of happy yellows
gloomy grays and
cheery purples 

I'm ready
to hold on to my aspirations.
Shimmery bubbles
that float around my head
bouncy & fleeting they'll lead
me to my future.

I want to be

1 comment:

Lindy said...

this is super good! my twin is so talented! :) i love you! so glad you came this weekend!