October 26, 2010


I don't exactly see myself as a postive person but I've been around my fair share of people who are a lot more negative then me. They can hurt my feelings without trying to and always find  something to complain about even when its something trivial and stupid. It can get really old. So heres my rant through a poem.


I may see the glass as half empty -
but yours is completely shattered. 

You fuss about things
that don't even matter.

Isn't it tiring 
to be so pessimistic?

Could you crack a smile for more than thirty seconds 
or are you incapable of positivity?

What gets me is your naivety of the fact
that all you do is whine.

Is it really that bad or are
you just bored of it all?

I'm hurt by your words but
you don't realize the toll

they can take on me.
Actions speak loud but your words SCREAM.

You always seem to cut me down -
Aren't I short enough already?

Maybe you should try to
watch what you say.

Some censorship would be a nice
addition to your sarcasm.

I hope the sunshine will eventually come out
(someday spill out)

but for now stop complaining - 
its draining on my nerves

And I can't stay around 
when all you do 

is bring about a dark
gray cloud.

You're hovering -
pissed off and upset. 

And all thats left
to say is

Rain, rain
go away.


Lindy said...

You're the next Sara Bareilles!! I LOVE this :) soooooo true!

Ashley said...

I have a few people I want to send this to. I may need to change the part about being short, but otherwise, this will work great for me.