October 17, 2010

good grief.

"There must be millions of people all over the world who never get any love letters...I could be their leader."

- Charlie Brown

I feel ya, Charlie. I could be their leader too. We can be co-leaders.

I've realized that I go to a school largely composed of couples.
I can only name like 5 friends at school off the top of my head that aren't dating anyone.

It makes me so annoyed to have to be the only one who can't include themselves in conversation about couple-y stuff

or to ALWAYS be the third wheel.

or to have people say "you wouldn't understand".

I think that phrase could win an award for most condescending thing to say. EVER.

I feel like I should transfer to an all girls college so I'm not bombarded my excessive PDA and hand holding everywhere I look.

Or at least a school where the average guy is more my type...not that it would help.

I think I'm just jealous and bitter.

I need a snoopy in my life.

But anyway, I thought I'd vent for a little bit.

me and charlie can totally relate...
You're a good man Charlie Brown.


Lindy said...

i think your perfect.

wildrosesinfaith said...

aww la (sorry for some reason whenever i think of you in my head I call you la. I thought i would try it out. not sure how i feel...) anyway, i know i'm probably not one of the people you want advice from and such, but i cross my heart promise i know how you feel! I felt the exact same way throughout high school, only one guy has noticed me ever. And that's all it takes. I know God is preparing the most amazing guy for you, he just must be a slow learner. And i know that doesn't help right now, but maybe it'll keep your hopes up. idk. i'm praying for you and i love you!!!!!!!!!