June 15, 2011

a new book

It's a precise process, this spotting on the shelf. I have unfolded myself out of my plush striped chair to wind myself through the labyrinth of Barnes and Noble. The shelves were vibrantly lined, candy colored stripes on brown wooden shelves. 

I stroll through the new comers, and walk past the best sellers, their gold stickers boasting their achievement. I tiptoe through horror, roam threw sci-fi and make my way to my favorite section, fiction.

It's not the title that draws me in, but the cover. I run my finger along the binding of 10 then 14 then 20 until I find the perfect one.

I flip through the pages and find the writing style to fit my taste and then decide to read the back, the true test to a match made in heaven.

The plot is perfect,
the characters well named 
and it's the perfect mixture of excitement and romance to draw me in.

I grab it off the shelf, return to the comfy chair that awaits me and sink back in. I hold the book in my hands. The pages are new, no Starbucks coffee has stained them yet. They haven't yet found the days of beach trips and sand or been dog-eared during unwelcome distractions. 

I grip the new adventure, one half in each hand. I flip open the first page and feel the binding slacken, allowing me to embark on this new journey.

Another story, another voyage, another book for my shelf. 

I just finished reading the hunger games and it was SOOO GOOOD! If you like Harry Potter, Twilight or Sci-Fi stuff, you'll love it. It's also got romance in it too which is never a bad thing.

I'm gonna go buy the sequel to it today! And it's a trilogy which means I have another one to read when the 2nd one is finished! Woo hoo!

Oh new books, how I love you.

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Taylor said...

I just saw that you posted this. Oh girl, these books are amazing. I finished all three in three days!