June 10, 2011


1. The past two weekends my two favorite Melissas came to visit! I love both of them so much!

Melissa Lockley goes to Elon and we've been so close since junior year of high school. She is so fun and funny and we can be goofy together which is always fun. I'm so glad she came, I love my beasty! And I love to reunite with friends!

The other Melissa is Melissa Sherrill! We have been the bestest of friends since around 4th grade. Her mom was our 3rd grade teacher and the summer after 3rd grade we moved into a house next to hers! She is one of the sweetest most beautiful inside and out people I know and I love her to death!

2. Yesterday I was SOOOO sick. It seriously hit me in like 2 seconds and I had to leave the middle of class to go home and then I spent the rest of the morning in the bathroom, it was no fun. But aside from that, having a stomach bug makes your stomach look pretty awesome (as shallow as that sounds). I know my normal stomach will return eventually but I'm enjoying the flatness for at least the 2 days that I have a smaller appetite!

3. When Lindy and I get home we are going to start doing P90x (or at least attempt to)! I'm trying to jump start my family into a biggest loser type thing so we can all get into the best shape of our lives. I think it'd be cool to all get into really good shape as a family and have each other to keep up the motivation.

4. Lindy and I went to McAlisters for dinner and I splurged and got a sweet tea. Boy was it delicious. I lost my need for McAlisters freshmen year since we had one on campus but since I didn't have a meal plan this year I can actually eat it now without feeling tired of it! It was yum yum yum!

5.We're almost done with summer classes!! I have had an AWESOME time at ECU but I am SO ready for summerrr! I have an final next friday and the wednesday after that and then we are good to go! Woohoo!

6. One of my absolute favorite things to do in the summer is ride around in the car right when its changing from day to night with the windows down blasting good music. If you haven't done it recently, you MUST do it. It's fun, relieves stress and just makes you feel good!

7. As much as it goes against my whole workout flat stomach ideas...Lindy and I are making chocolate chip cookies tonight and it's gonna be delicious.

that's it folks, happy friday!

bahahaha that song makes me want to scream. :)

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