September 27, 2011

A-Z about me.

A. age - 20
B. bed size - twin; that’s what I am, after all!
C. chore you hate - mopping because you have to move everything off the ground and then you can’t even walk on it!
D. dogs - Rocky, my  most favorite and crazy Christmas present
E. essential start to your day - making my bed. It’s pretty much the very first thing I do.
F. favorite color - not gonna lie, I love black and gray. Other than that gothicness, red and orange.
G. gold or silver - silver. I feel like it looks good with neutrals, which I love.
H. height - 4 ft. 10’ inches. Midget status.
I. Instruments you play - guitar and about 2 songs on the piano (If my memory is workin’ right)
J. job title - student and Her Campus President / Editor-In-Chief
K. kids - none now (praise the Lord) but I want to have probably at least four when I get married
L. live - in Boone...but my heart is in my future home; NYC
M. mother’s name - Betsy
N. nicknames - little laura, lulu in middle school
O. overnight hospital stays - none yet!
P. pet peeves - smacking, the sound of stirring moist things. people who make weird sounds with their nose
Q. quote from a movie - “mischief managaed” - Harry Potter
R. right or left handed - left handed
S. siblings - Ashley, Mark and my twin sister Lindy. One of four!
T. time you wake up - depends on my schedule, I don’t sleep in that late normally.
U. underwear - the classic kind in a cute pattern.  I prefer Target brand
V. vegetable you hate - I’m not very picky...umm olives?
W. what makes you run late - cleaning my room before I leave so it’s clean when I get back
X. x-rays you’ve had - none that I can think of! (except at the dentist)
Y. yummy food that you make - Sausage Corn Chowder
Z. zoo animals - elephants

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melissa said...

Yay! I love A-Z's :) and your blog!

Woohoo :D