September 06, 2011

Autumn Coffee

I felt it nip at my nose, the air that signified the new season, crisp, cozy and full of life. Unhinged leaves crunched against the sidewalk and the sun was barely waking behind the periwinkle clouds. I walked in the doorway, grabbing my hat, hair blowing in a blonde frenzy, and immediately the pulse of the city faded into oblivion behind the glass windows. I felt the warmth hit my flushed cheeks and heard the faint sound of jazz filter into my ears. I found my place in the back of the line and stood at the end of the short human snake that wound itself around the shelf of porcelain mugs and tightly bound bundles of whole coffee beans. The customers in front of me glanced at the well-memorized menu, trying to open their still tired eyes. The baristas we’re welcoming, smiling despite the hour, in their green aprons and ball caps. I closed my eyes for a split second and allowed myself to smell my favorite scents of autumn. I caught the fragrance of cinnamon, freshly baked treats, rich mocha and hazelnut in the air like a seasonal melody, in perfect harmony with their caffeinated undertones. It swirled around me like the falling foliage outside the store and the welcoming scents found their way into the fabric of my peacoat and thick wool scarf. My leather boots were hard on the tile floor and I tapped my foot to the subtle saxophone that played through the speakers. I placed my order and observed the surrounding tables; freshly inked newspapers resting in a fold, quiet conversations muttered in the corner, plush plum armchairs cuddling close around their early morning occupants. “Tall, Caramel Machiatto and pumpkin scone for Laura!” I grabbed my drink, twisted it until the opening faced my eager lips and took in the deliciousness. The heat made it’s way into my stomach, startled my senses and brightened my mood. It was New York, it was autumn, and I was drinking Starbucks.

This is a prose assignment I had to do about detail. It had to be about a place we new very well and it could only be up to 350 words... I obviously have autumn, NYC and starbucks on the brain!

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Lindy Maddox said...

LAURA! this is awesome. I want to read it at the beginning of every day during the fall because it makes me so happy. :D you are such a talented writer! love you twin!