September 27, 2011

why today is awesome already and it's only 9:09 am

1. I'm skipping class...for a cool reason.
Well, last night I saw that Sara Bareilles was going to be doing the 10'o-clock segment with Hoda on the Today show.

 I'm slightly obsessed with her, but I was upset I'd be in Bio during that time. So this morning, I tweeted at Hoda and Sara Barielles and guess what?
SHE REPLIED! Sara Barielles told me to DVR it!! How cool is that? SO COOL.

So naturally, I'm skipping bio! I don't have a DVR and I can't go to class and not watch her now that we're BFFs!

2. Her Campus Appalachian State Launched Today! 

I've been working on this since like late July, early August and it's finally here! I am SO excited for everyone to see it! I'm hoping it'll be the perfect one-stop site for AppState ladies!

Our success is based off of the traffic to our site, so make sure you tweet it, facebook it, send your friends to it and everything else!

At the rate today's going, I'm sure there is a lot more awesome to come!!!

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