September 16, 2011

flashback - combinations.

sporks - the utensil of choice at Taco Bell.

wheelie sneakers - for those days when walking or running just isn't enough.

catdog - classic television.

2 in 1 shampoo - faster, easier AND less effective!

Dippers - really? Cheese that doesn't have to be refrigerated? Phew, would've been way to expensive to buy crackers and cheese in separate containers. 

skorts. A skirt and shorts ALL IN ONE! Perfect for tomboys.

Stuffed animal bookbags - who doesn't want to be able to snuggle with the same thing that carries around your school supplies?

Photograph keychains - you don't think I have friends? Just wait, let me just show you this microscopic picture of me and my friends hanging from my stuffed animal bookbag! 

combo products, always making the world a little brighter. 


Lindy Maddox said...

hahaha NICE post :)
Hey, let me show you this awesome rolling bookbag. you can stroll with it down the hall and keep that heavy load of your back, and then put it ON your back to avoid those gravel bus lots! Cooler than your average bookbag, & better than a suitcase.

Ashley said...

Hahahaha...I remember Catdog. What a dumb show. : ) The spork is honestly one of my personal favorites. They should make those in silver for you to use in your house. Perfect for something like chili!!

melissa said...

Haha I love this post!!

Totally remember all these :]
Brings me back lol