May 20, 2010

all about MWAH.

So I wanted to share some facts about myself just for the heck of it. Heres a few...
I'm 4'10 (extremely short). I sweat all too much because I have hyperhydrosis. I eat more then a lot of grown men could eat. I'm not very outdoorsy. I complain too much and need to work on it. I love smiling. I'm left handed. Lindy and I are mirror twins. I like to randomly start singing when I'm at home. I love to watch food network.
I love to travel, especially to historic places. I loved going on the inauguration trip and being able to witness something so monumental. I love knowing that I'm standing where so many remarkable people have stood before. I love to discover new things and visit new places.
I love to dance. I like hip hop the best. I love listening to music and dancing around the room and just letting go. I've always loved to dance and I think I always will.

I like being goofy. I like making funny faces and dancing around in the kitchen. I like using different accents and pretending that I'm funny. I love sarcasm and quoting movies that I've seen. I love to laugh, I like making people laugh and I like when they make me laugh. It's the best medicine.
I love being neat. I make my bed up every single morning. Originally it was so I wasn't tempted to get back in it but I even made up my lofted bed in my dorm (heres a picture) every morning. Making up your bed can make your room look so much cleaner even if it's not that clean. I like knowing everything has its own place to go. I love organization.
I love using my imagination. I think that's why I enjoy writing and reading so much. I like the land of make believe. I like to believe in the impossible and think the unthinkable. I like having no boundaries for what can or can't happen. I like dreaming up Mr. Right, the perfect vacation, or a pair of jeans that fit so well they can't be real. I love to imagine.
I don't like to get Advice. I like it when I ask for it, but other than that, I'd rather come up with my own solution. I appreciate it when it's given to me but most of the time it hurts my pride to hear it. I like thinking that I know everything. Doesn't everyone?
I actually love to be alone. I like having time to myself to get my thoughts together - "me time". I think its relaxing to not have to talk to anyone or care about anyone but yourself, even for just a few minutes.

Mexican food. 'Nuff said.
Hugging has to be my most favorite thing in the entire world. EVER. seriously. I miss hugging when I'm at school. At home, I can get 5 different hugs from 5 different people everyday without missing a beat but at school I can't just randomly hug people. Well, I could, but that'd be weird. I love being small cause I can fit just perfectly when I give someone a hug. It releases endorphins and makes you smile. Hug someone today if you haven't, you'll be glad you did.
I love to cook. I love onions, garlic, spicy food, soup, and anything savory. I LOVE to COOK but on another note, I HATE LEFTOVERS. No thanks, I don't want your congealed food from 2 nights ago. LOVE COOKING, hate leftovers.There is nothing like wrapping up in a soft blanket. I like for the blanket to be wrapped really tight like a cocoon and the safe feeling it gives you. I love holding it up to my face and feeling all cozy and content.
I love photography. I love to be able to capture a moment and the people in it. I love experimenting with the colors and angles and everything about it.
I love playing guitar. I have a blue guitar that I got about 5 years ago. I love the accomplishment I feel when I learn a song and it sounds just like the radio. I love printing out new sheet music off the computer and sitting cross-legged on my floor and playing until my fingers hurt. I love harmonizing with my sisters and pretending I can sing. I heart my guitar.
I despise mayonnaise. I hate the sound it makes when you stir it, I hate its awkward color, I hate the taste. I hate how gross and fattening it is and how it takes forever to go bad. I hate mayonnaise. (I have a few exceptions, but most of the time I hate it.)
I HATE HATE HATE the word Moist. The combination of the two vowels together make it an obnoxious sounding word and the definition of it is gross too. "would you like a moist toilette?" NO! EW!
Harry Potter. Best Books Ever. Great Movies. Great Friends. Great pastime. LOVE.
I have a love for fashion. I like pairing different things together and exploring my clothes to come up with new outfits. I love winter clothes, layering, hats, handbags, and everything about it. I like dressing cute on a day when no one else feels like it. I like standing out and being the little girl in the cute boots. I love fashion.
I don't like olives. I don't like the texture or the smell or anything about them! I am not picky but OLIVES are GROSS!
I love to read. I love how reading lets you escape reality. It takes you into places that you would never be able to travel to in real life. It makes you forget about your troubles of today and become anyone you want to be. I love the smell of the paper and the kind of cracking sound the binding makes when you open a new book. I love curling up in a cozy armchair and reading with a cup of coffee. I love stacking them up on my bookshelf and knowing that their mine. I LOVE books.
COFFEE. coffee. Coffee. Coffee. COFFEEeeeeeEEEE. So delicious. So cozy. So refreshing. So energizing. So amazing
I love sleeping. I could do it all day if I really felt like it. Just laying there in bed, maybe not even sleeping but just thinking. The only thing I don't like about sleeping in is that I feel like so much of my day is wasted. I like to be able to get up early and have the whole day ahead of me. But sometimes sleeping just can't give it up.
so...thats just a little bit about the ever interesting Laura Maddox. YAY!

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