May 18, 2010

going crazy!!

Guys, I hate to say this but...I have cabin fever ALREADY!!!! This is not okay. I've only been home for 14 days and 5 of those days I spent in Florida. I just don't know what to do with myself!

PROBLEM 1. I desperately need a job.
I can't find a job to save my life. Yesterday I spent almost 4 hours searching for a job. I went to the mall and I went to over 3 different shopping centers - only 3 places were hiring. I turned in my applications at those 3 places but 2 of them gave me no indication of when I would hear back and I thought I would get a job at Sushi 101 but once I told her the dates for when I was going to be gone this summer she said she would need to hire someone else. My Dad has said I could "work" (do things they can't find time for) for people in my family but I really want a real job. I want to work for someone outside of my family so that when I'm with my family I can relax and keep my job and family separate. I'm at a loss.

Heres the dilemma :
A. I'm extremely picky about where I work, (which, I admit, is limiting my job). I don't want to work with Fast Food and I'm not a big fan of babysitting. I love kids but I'm not gifted with the patience to deal with them all day.

B. I can't just do volunteer work / class/ get an internship. I NEED money. I have to start saving for San Diego, Gas, next year/ etc. Plus all of my friends have money and if they want to do something fun I want to be able to do it too.
(and I'm moving to New York one day, remember? I gotta save money!)

C. No one wants to hire me! I'm gonna be gone 9 days in June, from 7-9 in July and possibly 5 more for a family trip to florida. And why would anyone want to hire a college student who can only work for a few months, including training, when they can hire a high school student who can work for them for the next few years all through the year??

I don't know what to do.
I think I'm gonna have to resort to pet sitting, as lame as that sounds.

PROBLEM 2. Everyone else is busy somehow!
How is it that I'm the only one in Charlotte sitting around like a bump on a log with no plans or a job? I just don't get it.

I love my family and I love being home, really..I do but man do I want to go back to school.

Help me, I think I'm going crazy.

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