May 26, 2010

Twelve Oaks Summer

I like to think that the idea that I was blessed with an amazing family is a complete understatement. Sometimes when I tell people about my family they tell me that we're the "all American Family" (we're no Brady Bunch) but I like to believe that what they're saying is pretty close to the truth. I was gifted with a family that isn't just a family but also great friends.

My parents met in Middle School and were married very young, not even out of college. After a couple years of marriage Ashley was born when my mom was only 23 and a few years later, Mark followed. And just when they thought they would round out their family with a 3rd child... surprise, surprise - they were given 2; Me and Lindy. AW, TEAR!

But, now that we're all grown (Ashley's 23 and married to John, Marks 20 and Lindy and I will be 19 in August) I've realized that God didn't just give me a brother and two sisters, he gave me friends that I love hanging out with.

Hanging out with "the fam" isn't something that a lot of families can say they do without it being considered F.F.F. 0r Forced Family Fun, but I'm proud to say mine can. And while all of the memories I've made with my family are important to me, some of the best memories have been made over the summer.

We've - gone to redneck family reunions in Mississippi
- traveled to London, Paris, Prague, Vienna, Rome and Switzerland
- watched many an episode of Gullah Gullah Island crosslegged in front of the TV with a turkey sandwich, pickle and cheetos
- taken baths together in a tiny little bathtub
- Traveled on many a church trip
- Sat on the porch playing Jamaican Dominos and Paper Telephone
- played in the sprinkler on hot July Days
- Gone to visit Uncle Mike also referred to as "unky monkey" in West Palm Beach
and had many, many other average yet extraordinary summer days.

So, long story short, my brother and sisters mean so much to me. Ever since we were little we've made so many memories made together over the summer. So... I wrote a poem called Twelve Oaks Summer. Twelve Oaks is the street we live on, the street of our wonderful home and every summer with my family on Twelve Oaks is a summer I'll cherish forever.

Twelve Oaks Summer
Bare-feet walk;
against the sun warmed pavement.

A homegrown backdrop.
Deep baptist roots and a house that
whispers tales of cozy hugs and crooked smiles.

Citrusy, tart and sweet;
We gulp in our contentment
and glasses full of tangy lemonade.

Symphonic crickets play their tune
composed of fresh cut grass, summer skies
and rowdy laughter of sugary bliss.

Together; genuine friendship
a joke to share, a smile to give, a life of love -
just another summer on Twelve Oaks.

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John said...

I love your poem! Come hang out w/ me here a lot! : )

Love you!