August 24, 2010

19 years old today!!!

First of all I want to say Happy Birthday to the most amazing twin and my best friend in the entire world, Lindy Maddox!!!! It was so hard being away from her today. We have shared 17 birthdays together and this is the 2nd year that we've been apart. I just wanted to give her a big twin birthday hug but I couldn't. We did get to iChat though but it's just not the same! I love her so much, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWIN!!!

I can't believe I'm about to embark on my last year of being a teenager. This is INSANE.I can't believe I'm this old! I feel like just yesterday I was running around in overalls, coloring in coloring books, playing with american girl dolls and sharing a bathtub with Lindy.

And now look at us! We're starting our sophomore year of COLLEGE?

we went from being 4 pounds ( this is Lindy)

To little chubs

Yes, we are identical

Aw! Showin' mark some love.
Blowing Bubbles.

This picture makes me smile.
Mirror Twins!

Us dressed up as the characters of Grease. I'm the "Bad Sandy"..DUHHHHHH!
( if we had only known how perverted grease really was haha)
Jammin out. Always loved dancing.

American girls with american girls.

Senior Prom

Graduating, oh how the time flew by.

Still Matching. 

So gangsta. So thug.
We didn't even plan to jump the same way! WIEIEIERD.


I miss her more than I could have ever imagined, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!


Lindy said...

aw twin! this is so sweet it made me wanna cry! i love you SO much! i miss youuuuuuuuuuuu! cant wait to see you soon :) your awesome.

Ashley said...

Aw!! So cute!:) Love y'all! Happy birthday!!!

Mark said...

Happy Birthday(s)! Notice Ashley posted her commit at 5:20 AM! haha I'll see yall soon

Lauren said...

So incredibly sweet. Happy birthday to you and your sis. Hope it’s a great one!!! :)

Betsy said...

I've been in teacher land all week and finally got to catch up on blogs. This is so sweet. Almost made me cry. I love y'all both so much!! And this song (The Circle Game) is perfect for this post! Miss you. xoxo