August 20, 2010

To Conquer

She bows her head and sighs
a mere speck in the enormity of her surroundings.

Her thoughts wander and 
she gets lost in the steady ebb and flow of reality.

Life is never what it seems; it's a challenge.
It stands in front of you; harsh boulders and rocky edges wait to be conquered.

And once you've ascended the cliff
and find yourself ragged and rough from the journey, the only way down is to repel.

A content breath falls from her lips and does nothing to the wind 
but disperse and unravel it's self upon the mountainy expanse that stretches out before her.

Beauty in it's rawest form;
both the mountains and the journey.

And as serenity falls over her like a fresh morning rain, 
and the troubles of her life fall away

the only thing left to do is thank the Maker
for the beauty he created 

and the journey she has traveled
if only 
for him.


Lindy said...

i love you and your amazing writing skills.

wildrosesinfaith said...

Oh my word laura!! This is AMAZING! I love you girl, you are such a good writer!