August 15, 2010

I've fallen for FALL

Winter is too cold.
Spring gives me allergies.
Summer is too hot.
but Fall,
Fall is juuuuuust right.

These past few months in Charlotte have been so hot and humid! Right when you walk outside your hair frizzes, the leather steering wheel in your car is too hot to touch, you begin to sweat profusely, the air feels to thick to swallow and there are mosquitos everywhere.

Um, no thank you! I prefer autumn air for sure!

Nothing compares to the crisp refreshing mountain air and autumn in the Mountains is pure happiness!

So I decided to list some reasons why I LOVE FALL and why everyone should too!

1. Sweatshirts -
A comfy-cozy-soft-plushy-long sleeve-ball of warmth...who wouldn't want to wear one?

2. Coffee
There is nothing like waking up in the morning to the autumn air and grabbing yourself a cup of coffee on your way to class. It warms you up in no time and as the fall leaves crinkle under your feet and the crisp cinnamony air blows through your hair, you are reassured that yes, fall is finally here.

3. Football.
Big screens,  Chili, instant replays, cornbread, the thrill of the game, sweatshirts, team spirit, tailgating, BBQ, yelling, rivals, hot chocolate, family time...all the things that make football so much fun!

4. Fall clothes
It's time to break out the boots, ladies and gentlemen! The time has finally arrived for you to pull that dusty bin out of the back of your closet full of cute jackets! And you can finally put on the best outfit ever - jeans and a t-shirt without being a little toasty!Fall clothes = love.

5. Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday after Christmas. I love watchiing the Macy's thanksgiving day parade on TV with the family and having everyone over to hang out. I love the concept of giving thanks, and creating a day just for that. I love the honey baked ham, turkey, gravy, stuffing, copper pennies, spinach dip and the assortment of casseroles. LOVE.

6. Leaves!!!
Fiery Reds, golds, deep browns, oranges and crimsons. I love when they blow in the wind and cover the sidewalk. I love how they look up against a bright blue sky. I love jumping in them and kicking them around. I love picking up the prettiest ones I can find. I love thinking about how cool it is that God made colors that are so pretty.

7. New Beginnings
I love the fact that fall gives you a new start. You finished summer and now you have the whole year ahead of you! You have the chance to start fresh! And now you can buy yourself that really fun annual purchase - a new planner! (Oh, the simple things in life)

8. Smiles
I feel like moods improve in the Fall. With all the fun things going on, how can you not have fun?

So lets sit back and push our way through these last few weeks of summer and gear up for all the wonderful things Autumn has to offer, it'll be here before you know it!



Ashley said...

Ahhhhh...fall! I can't wait!

Lauren said...

You seriously make me wish it were Fall like TODAY!!!! :)