August 29, 2010

laughter is the best medicine

I think laughter is one of the greatest things that God has ever created. Laughing can cure any mood. You suddenly forget how upset, angry, or hurt you are and laugh until you cry...

Laughing so hard that it's silent and your shoulders just shake up and down
When something makes a weird ketchup
pushing someone into a pool
babies cute.
watching reality shows.
"this is for all my friends on my Stickam friend's list..."
Trying to catch something in your mouth
when other people laugh
Acting ghetto
miserably failing at "jumping pictures"
Overly competitive people
how when you have money for shopping you can't find anything but when you don't have money, you always do.
"airrrr ballls "
hand gestures
really obnoxious commercial jingles
When people can't dance but they think they can
when your stomach growls at you
Laughing so hard you cry which then makes you laugh more
The Office
" i'm not touching you, i'm not touching you, i'm not touching you..."
the sound macaroni makes when you stir it
Will Ferrell
When the other team misses a goal
Funny accents
Bugging someone
spelling something wrong on accident and realizing it spelled a funny word
when someone comes up behind you and scares you
you tell someone bye and then end up walking in the same direction
when you're eating and all you can hear is the silveware
old school knock knock jokes
the fact that musicals are about people randomly breaking out in song
acting british
missing a high five
old people and technology
acting like you're 5
trying to skype with no sound
making lame faces
fumbling your words
when my dog, Rocky, runs around the house at 120 miles an hour
Tina Fey
Jokes that are a play on words.. "did you hear about the fire at the circus? was in tents.."
when you stay up way later than you should have and you become delirious
when someone you're with has to pee really bad and you try to make them laugh
Trying to not think of's REALLY HARD!
The movie Mean Girls, I could watch it every day
Quoting stuff. I LOVE to quote.

go find something funny and just LAUGH - it'll make you feel better.


Lindy said...

:) i love you and your blog and your weird ichat faces! they make me laugh! and mom makes me laugh when she cracks up at her own jokes haha!

Mark said...

I was reading this list and actually started laughing just thinking about those things haha

fluffymilkdotcom said...

Could you tell me where you got that copy of the half face laughing?