September 16, 2010

dream, dream, dream.

Someday, I'd like to make my dreams a reality.

I want to write.

I want scribble on paper until my fingers go numb and I have a huge writing bump that looks gross to others, but to me it's a sign of my dedication.
I want to type until the letters wear off of my keyboard but I know what to do because typing has become second nature.
I want to write out my anger, my happiness, my life.
I want to write to inspire others and to complete myself.
I want people to anticipate my next piece of writing.
But mostly I want to just write for myself.

Today I applied for a position on The Peel, which is APP's literary magazine.
I've always loved to write but after being on the Roars and Whispers staff at Providence, I knew I wanted to be on the staff here at APP.

I went to their website over the summer and I went on it today to make sure they hadn't hired yet. After updating my resume and writing a cover letter I sent in my application and was excited for a response.

Well unfortunately, they've already hired! It's just a minor set back, but with all the technologically savvy people on the staff couldn't they have just updated their site?

Hopefully I'll apply again next year and get on it but for now I might just end up being on a committee.

I just want to write! Write, right, write! I want to be a big wig at a top magazine like Glamour. I want to go grab the future!

I'm dreaming!

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Lindy said...

keep dreaming those dreams my little twin! :) i believe in you!