September 05, 2010

this, not that!

I would choose...

  • Chocolate over vanilla
  • Baked over fried
  • Backstreet Boys over N*sync
  • A few close friends over Lots of friends
  • Republican over Democrat
  • Love over Money
  • mountains over beach
  • Basketball over football
  • introverted over extroverted
  • Brains over Beauty
  • half empty over half full
  • NC over SC
  • English over Math
  • Taller guys over shorter guys (more like average..but I guess I'd choose tall)
  • coffee over hot chocolate
  • Edward over Jacob
  • NC STATE over UNC

  • Left over right
  • dogs over cats
  • Rock over Pop
  • Confident over insecure
  • soft shell over hard
  • Milk over OJ
  • Necklace over bracelet
  • Pancake over waffle
  • Wendys over Mcdonalds
  • open over closed
  • Turkey over ham
  • Silver over gold
  • sound over silence
  • plain over painted nails (because I'm lazy)
  • fall over summer
  • USC over Clemson
  • Light over dark
  • cold over hot
  • Japanese over chinese
  • Sneakers over sandals
  • sweet and salty are tied...
  • harry over voldemort (DUH!)
  • chocolate over fruity icecream
  • salt over pepper
  • Truth over dare
  • skittles over m&ms
  • cute over hott
  • walk over run
  • funny over romantic 
  • creamy over crunchy peanut butter
  • text over call
  • pen over pencil
  • inside over out (depending on the day, but normally inside)
  • long hair over short
  • brunette guys over blonde guys
  • computer over TV
  • Dr. Pepper over Mr. Pibb
  • Coke over Pepsi


Ashley said...

I'm with you on most of those...but for me I know it would be BEACH over MOUNTAINS!! : )

Lindy said...

hanging out with lindy over anyone else :)