September 08, 2010

take advantage of rainy days.

enjoy the smell of rain and slower pace it brings to your afternoon.

wear your sweat pants all afternoon.

throw your hair up in a frizzy mess.

listen to frank sinatra, michael buble, norah jones and anything relaxing.

know you're cute toting that patterned umbrella.

rock your rainboots.

drink endless amounts of coffee.

indulge in a delicious bowl of soup in those half summer half fall kind of days.

listen to the falling raindrops outside your window.

refill your coffee cup once more.

put a movie on and a cozy pair of socks.

dream of "...a foggy day in london town"

get excited for christmas a few months around the corner.

splash in the big puddles.

and most of all, be thankful for those puffy gray clouds and the glorious rain that they bring.


Lindy said...

awww i love rainy days :)

Ashley said...

As long as sunny ones are close behind! : )