September 02, 2010

a lifetime left to explore

" The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. " ~St. Augustine

I sit here in bed, only a week after class has started, and I've already changed my major since the first day. 

I got to sophomore year as an undecided major with a creative writing minor and now I've changed to double majoring in Journalism & Advertising and still minoring in creative writing. 

3 concentrations...It's going to be A LOT of work.

But I think it will be worth it. One day, I'm sure it'll all pay off.

The crazy thing is going to be down the road when I look back at my life, say, ten years from now. It's going to be so different than what I think it is. 

I have so many things I want to do...

I want to travel the world...
I want to go to Ireland

I'd like to go to New Zealand 

I want to travel to Canada

I want to do something outrageous like skydiving or something
(this is Mark skydiving..CRAZYYY!!!)

I want to witness the Olympics...hopefully in London 2012

I want to write a book.

I want to go on a coffee expedition. I want to try a cup of coffee from a local coffee shop from every state in the U.S.

I want to rent a convertible and drive down an open highway going way way way too fast.

I want to one day be in good enough shape to compete in a triathlon. (yeah right)

I want to write a song on the guitar and sing it (if only to myself)

Here are some cool things I can check off my list

1. I got to sing the National anthem at a Red Sox and White Sox game with my church and we actually walked onto home plate! It was amazing.

2. I got to witness the freezing cold inauguration of President changing! 
heres a picture I took
3. Visit Europe with my family! So much fun!

I have been blessed with an AMAZING LIFE so far! I have witnessed things I never imagined and traveled to see more than ever expected. I know God has so much in store for me and I have my whole life ahead of me. There is still so much left out there for me to do! I can't wait to get started on it...

now the problem is deciding where to start!

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Ashley said...

Yay for all the fun things you've done and are yet to do! : ) Gotta love life!