September 27, 2010


This past weekend I got to go on the CRU retreat!
It was fun but pretty different then what I expected.

When I chose APP I knew that I would kind of stand out due to my lack of "outdoorsy-ness" but I didn't realize how prevelant that would be in Christian organizations.

I feel like Christians feel the need to be really outdoorsy and in touch with God's creation up here, which is great, but I'm not outdoorsy. My idea of outdoorsy-ness is packing a picnic and going to a park or an outside concert, or a hike to an overlook.

It doesn't really include repelling down a cliff, biking the blueridge parkway or white water rafting..

Every once in a while I'll get in an outdoorsy mood, especially in the fall but it comes and goes.

I'm pretty "girly". I like boots, magazines, chocolate and Gilmore girls.

When I was packing for the CRU retreat I was feeling discouraged because I was guessing that I would be one of the few people there without a hammock or Chacos.

I ended up borrowing my roomie's shoes and hammock which ended up working out because seriously about 96 percent of the people there had both of those things!

This is a picture from the trip...

I would like to have my own hammock though, they are really comfy and fun to read in :)

But I feel like a prerequisite for CRU is to be outdoorsy.
Personally I prefer movie nights, going out to eat, coffee dates, baking, reading or shopping..(and that made me sound like a fatty haha)

And I guess I've never really realized how introverted I am either!
On Saturday we had free time and I decided to drive to Johnson City to get starbucks, study and read and I have to say, it was one of the highlights of the trip.

I guess you can't fit in everywhere but hopefully I'll find my niche of people soon!

So if any of you CRU girls are reading this and feel the same let me know because I'll gladly paint my nails with you, take a day trip to blowing rock, visit the outlets or even drive to Hickory for starbucks and target!

Oh life, what a ride.


Lindy said...

I am also in Cru and really don't like that kinda stuff!
i love reading and shopping AND drinking starbucks!
I am DYING to meet new people and find me niche TOO!?
how crazy are these similarities!?
get back to me ASAP!
cant wait to hang outtttt!

<3 (your long lost friend)

alexis~noelle said...

hey girl hey.
You know me, I like both. Soooo...
CALL ME! We need to have a blowing rock trip again soon since its fall.
Love you girl!

Betsy said...

A girl after my own heart! Love you just the way you are! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you dear. My idea of "hiking" is totally walking to an overlook. I love you and personally I think going on a picnic or walking to an overlook is just as much taking in God's creation and repelling down a sheer cliff face. I love you and you're wonderful. Just so you know : )