June 21, 2010

daydreamin' for a dollar #1

So I've decided to start doing a post every once in a while called "daydreamin' for a dollar". They're going to be posts about things like fashion, decorations, furniture, jewelry and stuff that I'm interested in at the time but that I unfortunately can't afford! I'm definitely dreaming for a dollar right now because I'm broke as a joke; so I might as well make the best of it and daydream right? Hope you like it!

1. I have been wanting a blazer for so long. They're so effortlessly chic and fashionable. I love how you can pair them with anything and mix feminine with masculine. They're really expensive but hopefully I'll find a cheap one soon or raise enough to buy one that will last me a while!

2. I think these mirrors are adorable (especially for my apartment next year!)

3. I'm in love with these metallic gold flats. Flats are so cute and girly and I love how these have a little edge with the gold studs down the heel. SO CUTE.

4. Next year I get to have my own room and I think this chair would be perfect for my desk and really comfortable...I wish!
5. So colorful. So fun. LOVE.

6. I love this outfit! I love how short it is cause my short legs need a short dress! The belt makes your waste look really tiny too <3

I'm just daydreamin' for a dollar these days.

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