June 07, 2010


Today was our first real day of the trip after everyone had gotten all settled in. This morning we woke up around 8 and had our first meeting at 9. ( I actually got up at like 6:45 so like 9:45 my time, ah!!! - I feel back asleep thankfully) When we got to our meeting we sang some worship songs together and then we started to discuss evangelism. For the trip we're using a booklet called KGP or "knowing God personally" to witness to others. Doug, our leader, went through the booklet and discussed how to bring up spirituality in an everyday conversation and how to lead the conversation towards the subject of God. I think this booklet is going to be so helpful and I am so excited to actually go out one day this week and start putting it into action!

After we finished the meeting we headed over to a church in the area called Encanto Southern Baptist Church. This church has been around for about 50 years and they are about to open a new location in the more poverty stricken area of San Diego. When we got to the church we originally thought we were going to be walking around doing surveys but then the Pastor told us that we were going to be doing a prayer walk. I had done a prayer walk once or twice before so I had an idea of what to do. We split up into groups and each took a street and brought a long a pad of paper to write down what we thought God wanted to see in that area. We also tried to ask the few people that we saw on the street what they wanted from a church. We saw a lot of children and tons of spanish speaking people. They really wanted a children's ministry and a place where they can come and not feel uncomfortable about their current financial situations. When we were done with the prayer walk we went a little further down the road and handed out blankets to the homeless. There were so many people laying on the streets that were in need of God's love. Although most of them weren't open to hearing about the love of Christ, we could at least provide them with a warm blanket to sleep on. Hopefully the blanket will plant a seed in their hearts and lead them towards God. This church is really doing amazing things in the area and they're going to stay in touch with us so I'm excited to see what God has in store for the new branch of the church and the area surrounding it. After our prayer walk and handing out the blankets, we went back to the church and ate lunch with some of the congregation and shared what we had learned on the prayer walk. They were so sweet and hospitable towards us and are doing truly great things in their community.

When I got back the room I was exhausted so I took like a two hour nap; it was fantastic. When I woke up we went to get dinner together at In-N-Out. Apparently In-N-Out is like a California must have and it was delicious! I just got fries and a chocolate shake since I had a hamburger for lunch, but now I can officially say I've been there! Yay haha! When we got back from dinner we got to meet with our small groups for the first time and do something called "soul to soul".
My small group is led by Angela and then Nichole, Kali and Ashley are in the group with me. We went to the CUTEST coffee shop together called Cafe 976. ( I heart coffee shops with all my being). I got the "976" which is Espresso, white mocha, hazelnut and milk and it was sooo good! Coffee makes me smile. After we got our drinks we sat down and had time sharing about ourselves and our walk with God and just what makes us who we are today. I love christian fellowship and getting to know someone for who they really are. It's so nice to come here with no judgements of anyone and no expectations and to bond on a level where you can share yourself without worry. I've loved getting to know them and can't wait to get closer. The Cafe closed earlier since it was a Sunday so we decided to snuggle up with blankets in our car and backup facing the beach. We opened the trunk and could see the fireworks from Sea World and continued to share our "soul to soul".

Sarah and Leah on the prayer walk

First time at In-N-Out!!! wooooooo!
Cafe 976!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!
Kali and I at Cafe 976!
My leader Angela!
Kali and Nichole in the car while doing Soul to Soul by the beach; so fun!

I can tell that God is truly working in each and everyone of us and that we are going to get really close. I am so excited for what's to come and I know this week is going to be amazing!

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