June 17, 2010


Sorry it took me so long to update these last final days of San Diego...I've been SUPER busy. So I've decided to just share some of my best pictures!

Overall, this trip turned out to be more amazing than I could have ever imagined. The people there were the most genuine guys and girls I have ever met and I got extremely close with them. (I even ended up crying when I left) I would have never thought that I could become so close with complete strangers in a matter of 9 days, but it happened. We got to get down to our core and share what really matters with each other but we also got to have SO - MUCH - FUN. I haven't laughed that much in a long, long time! That trip also really molded my relationship with God. I love being on a God high, but I hate falling off of it so hopefully, this trip will keep me in the word and living a spirit-filled life. Nothing will come close to this trip, it was truly amazing and unforgettable!

So since it's not as fresh in my mind I've decided to just share some pictures!

Here is a delish coffee place on the UCSD campus called "Art of Espresso" - YUM!
This is a sidewalk that leads up to the library - It is a serpent and supposed to represent's acutally really creepy but I mean it is pretty a really satanic, scary way haha. It winds around a bunch of trees that are supposed to represent the garden of eden.

This is a book that stands beside the serpent path with a quote from paradise lost
The Library is supposed to be in the shape of a tree like the tree of life from the garden of eden and you take the snake path to get there.
Obviously the UCSD campus was very..."non-godly". Here is a building that has lights spelling out the 7 deadly sins that flash at night and then also flash the acronym of each word. CRAZY!
Me and the amazing ashley drinking "jelly tea"? You choose a flavor of tea and then get little flavored jellies in the bottom of it that shoot up through the straw when you sip it. It's really weird but I actually really liked it! Yay for trying new things!
On Friday we went shopping in the gas-lamp district in downtown San Diego. It was really cute and old fashioned!
Here is a picture from a day of beach evangelism. There were two different sides of the beach; one for surfing and one for swimming! That just seems so typical californian to me haha!
Lookin' rad - Sthefany and Megan! LOVE THEM!
Doing some beach evangelism by playing tug of war! A bunch of people actually came and played with us! It was a great way to witness to people!
We got to go to a Padres game! It was so much fun! I love baseball games - they're so summery and exciting! They played the mariners and they won! WOO GO TEAM!
Pretty stadium right in the middle of the city
Me and my buddy Nichole eating some yummy hot dogs and garlic fries - can't beat game food!
The view from my hotel...amazing.
Cuties with their napkins on the heads at a chinese restaurant haha

So that's my trip!


I miss everyone already!

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