June 26, 2010

dear diary.

Once upon a time, years ago, Laura liked to write in a journal every night. She would write down all her silly thoughts right before bed and then tuck her journal safely under her bedside table. Unfortunately, as days went by, she then became too busy and her poor little journals gathered dust and sat around with hundreds of empty pages waiting to be written in. 

I thought it would be kinda funny to let ya'll in on a few of my journal entires from my middle school and early high school years. The stuff thats in purple is comments from my current self!


Dear Journal,
I just got you for my 13th birthday. I had an awesome birthday, so many people said Happy Birthday to me.(since that's what matters haha) I got some really cute stuff, a black purse, two necklaces, this journal, money and a old jewelry box to keep stuff in. I still haven't gotten anything from Granny and Grandaddy or my friends!!!!! (wow I sound like a snob) My birthday party is on Friday night. Hopefully it won't be as dramatic as last year. (Lindy and I had gotten in trouble the year before for sending guys I.M. messages on the computer in front of our friends..oops!) We're making candies that are going to be really cute. 12 was an awesome year for me. I came closer to God and made a lot of great friends. Julie is my best friend not including Lindy. We can talk about anything together. We always talk on the phone about EVERYTHING. She is so awesome, I don't know what I'd do w/out her! (Julie Epstein was my best friend, she goes to USC now) Well my hand is starting to hurt and I can't concentrate with Dad and Lindy talking about Matt. (Matt was Lindy's middle school BF hahah)

Goodnight - Laura

This post was at the beginning of I think 8th grade maybe? Middle School was one of my favorite times in my life. I had a group of friends that I loved and we hung out 24/7...literally. Good times.


Dear Journal,
Hey! (journal's can respond..if you didn't know haha) I haven't written to you in a while, more like forever! This year has been so busy so far. Well, it's already November 11th and the air already has the christmas feel to it. (a little early, Laura) Only umm lets see...43 days til christmas! Wow! Awesome, I'm so excited this christmas is gonna rock! (I speak with such eloquence) I don't really mind about the cut back on money, Santa's fun but seriously church, music family and friends are the best.  GUESS WHAT?!?! I got a cell phone on saturday and I might get braces on Tuesday! How exciting!(the fact that I was excited about braces is really ironic haha) So many events these days. We didn't have school today because it's veterans day we do tom. It's friday though, yippie! I love school this year. I'm with Julie and Ben and Ryan. (woo!) I feel really bad for Lindy though, she has to deal with Mrs. Perry ugh! (AWFUL TEACHER) How Terrible! If I was that mean & bad I'd smack her haha no I wouldn't even do that if i was "mean". ( I probably really would've done that..I was fiesty) Its a funny thought though. Well I'll get back to you tomorrow maybe! Nice writing to you again. 

- Laura (10:16)(staying up out!!!)

I crack myself up. Seriously. 

This next post is actually kinda sad. After middle school I went to Providence and I HATED IT. Seriously, hated was an understatement. I would come home from school and cry and I was miserable everyday. My middle school has been divided into two different high schools so the group of friends from middle school was split up. I was devastated. I think I was seriously depressed. But I do admit, I was pretty emo and "punk". Cool, I know.


Dear Journal, 
Bleh. Bleh. Bleh.
Sometimes I feel like a robot
in a human disguise. 
Wake up, school, home, bed,
wake up school, home bed.
Over and over, again and again.
I express no emotions like I used to. I'm not as nice as I used to be.
A dead soul in an alive body. (a smidge dramatic.) Nothing makes me happy anymore. I used to laugh so much that one time I got called into the librarians office for laughing to much. Now I laugh but it's pretty much hollow.
- Laura (wow this is really emo and depressing, awesome.)

It makes me kinda sad that I felt like this, but luckily it went away. I had been considering changing schools because my mom could see how upset I was. Glad it was just a phase!

 the 9th grade me

Well that's a little peak into who I was "back in the day". Everything that happened in my life has helped make me who I am, the good and the bad! Thats me, kids.
 me now! much better!

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