June 19, 2010

i love poetry.

Last night Lindy and I were laying on our own separate little air mattresses in florida with our backs to each other and I got the inspiration for this poem so on the extremely long 10 hour drive home today I jotted it down in the car... So there ya go

Unspoken Affair

Do we sleep in opposing directions
due to comfort,
or to avoid the suspicious stares bound to come
from our heavy lidded eyes?

Our bodies are magnets.
They push against the thick waves of tension
that crash in between us and
send us darkly into contrasting directions.

If only we could erase it all; you'd flip over
and draw me in with unparalleled force.

I can hear your heart's rapid pulse
as your mind ebbs and flows with thoughts that are
sure to throw my senses into
an area flagged by neon caution tape.

Your breathing is slow and practiced;
forcefully rhythmic.
Do you really believe me to be that naive?
Naive of us?

I know you.
Your heartaches, your secrets, your laugh.

Our backs are only inches apart.
Though it feels like
miles and

Do we sleep in opposing directions due to comfort?
Or because we're both too scared to admit
the lie we both know to be true?

and miles.

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