June 28, 2010



Young love -
petal pink lips in a crescent moon grin.
A ray of sweet sunshine swirling through the blinds.
Rain drops on a summer afternoon,
cool against blazing amber skin. 
A sly smile in a flooded room. 
Coins tossed into a fountain. 
A hand to hold
and someone to fight with. 

Commitment -
Snuggling in a blanket while awaiting snowfall.
Coffee at a sip-able temperature.
A worn in set of sheets.
Two bookends that hold life together.

Yet an unrequited love -
an envelope wandering in the mail
tossed upon a sea of letters.
A locked door
             without a key.

Ti amo.
  i love you.
      Je t'aime.

Undiscovered love -
a package waiting to be opened.
driving with the windows down
to a little known destination.

Love - one of life's purest mysteries.


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