July 02, 2010


Since I'm on vacation with my family I just wanted to share a quick something!

I once heard an analogy about living a spirit filled life and for some reason it really stuck with me so I felt like I should share it; so here you go!

Lets say that there are two glasses of milk sitting on a table and they each represent a life.

Then lets say that each glass of milk gets a big pump of rich, milk chocolatey syrup poured into the glass - The chocolate syrup represents the Holy Spirit.

Both of the glasses have the same amount of milk and the same amount of chocolate syrup.

The first glass of milk gets stired round and round until it is a complete tall refreshing glass of chocolate milk.

The second glass of milk isn't stirred; it lets the chocolate syrup sink to the bottom and soon it becomes inconspicuous.

Now think about this in terms of a life and the Holy Spirit instead of milk and chocolate syrup...

The person in the first life (or glass of milk) accepted the Holy Spirit into their heart (chocolate syrup) and incoporated him into everything they do - their thoughts, actions, decisions...everything. They not only go to church, do their quiet time and follow the commands God set out for them, but they mirror God's actions in all that they do. They are a complete life - a Spirit filled life!

The person in the second life (or glass of milk) accepted the Holy Spirit into their heart (chocolate syrup) but that is the extent of what they did. He resides in their heart but he doesn't affect their life. They might have a relationship with him every once in a while, but not all the time. They don't acknowledge their sin -they still cuss, drink, make stupid decisions with their boyfriend or whatever sin consumes their life the most. They don't care that what they're doing is wrong. They know he's there but they dont LIVE like it. They don't have the chocolate syrup mixed in. It's just milk and a brown blob at the bottom of their glass.

Now think about this...which life are you living?

... and go get yourself a nice tall glass of milk.

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