July 10, 2010

dandelion in the wind.

I wish -
  • money grew on trees
  • pedicures didn't kind of hurt
  • i was at least 4 inches taller
  • i had a blanket within reach right now 
  • my hair would get longer and wavier 
  • i was better at guitar
  • hamburgers were good for you
  • i enjoyed running
  • hogwarts was real
  • i could pull off straight across bangs
  • humidity didn't exist
  • starbucks was free
  • i could do a split and a cartwheel
  • i could date a robert pattinson look alike
  • cars didn't need gas
  • i could go to college without choosing a major
  • we could hug right now
  • books never ended
  • i had learned to play piano
  • i had a better memory
  • being fashionable wasn't expensive
  • i didn't want a boyfriend so badly
  • i was in boone
  • i wish and wish and wish
  • songs on itunes were unlimited
  • i enjoyed riding bikes
  • i could erase all my regrets
  • my skin would clear up
  • temptation wouldn't exist
  • i could fly
  • i read my bible more
  • the oil spill would stop
  • 10 am was considered waking up early
  • all my friendships were still intact
  • once you pop the fun don't stop
  • dentist appointments were painless
  • dogs were always puppies
  • i was a better athlete
  • my feet didn't fall asleep
  • my future was all planned out
  • i had more motivation
  • every pair of jeans was already worn in for you
  • high heels were comfortable
  • jellyfish didn't exist
  • you could sit on clouds
  • michael buble would sing to me
  • i could whistle
  • michael jackson was still alive
  • boy bands were still "in"
  • lindsay lohan wasn't insane
  • bagels weren't fattening
  • life broke out in song like high school musical
  • i could make it rain on demand
  • j crew was affordable
  • i was a basketball prodigy 
  • trash took itself out
  • laughs were contagious
  • love was contagious
  • colds weren't contagious
  • life was simple

I wish



Mark said...

1. being a basketball protegee isnt as cool as it sounds trust me... I am one!
2. Hogwarts is real... your just a Squib. Sorry to be the one that breaks it to you
3. Mi gusta this post

lkm said...

Gracias por comentando sobre mi blog hermano! Pero no soy un squib, usted es un squib. Es la verdad. Sí, hice uso un traductor.