July 21, 2010

JM = love.

This past Friday = one of the best Fridays ever!
 I got to see JOHN MAYER in concert.

He is so hott. Seriously. Not to mention he is one of the best guitar players I've ever seen aaand he wore a sexy blue bandanna around his head. mmmm.

So in a tribute to JM and all his sexiness I thought I'd write a John Mayer poem similar to the one I did for Queen using his song titles. Just because he IS that AWESOME.
(the bold is the song titles)


Fierce as fire I ride around
a race with gravity.
"Stop this train from churning"
my mind is mocking me.

If only I could grab the wheel
and steer it towards your stop.
But 83 in a 25
will only reel in a cop.

I'm at the edge of desire
that only you will know.
The urge to live as bold as love
yet swept by the undertow.

While half my heart
has settled in - the others back to you.
A quest to find our city love
and bask in it's neon hue.

My stupid mouth sits agape
unable to form a word.
The rays of clarity my headlights cast
my tears now have blurred.

Somethings missing in this life -
vultures pick at what remains.
And as my heart is running dry
my soul's covered in rain.

You've made me crazy once again
a plastered smile's all I can bare.
I drive alone on midnight roads;
destroy what's in repair.

Recklessly I close my eyes,
I am my own assassin.
Now all that burns is your 3 x 5
and the charcoal taste of passion.

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